U Of North Texas Homecoming Party Brought The House Down —Literally

While the students were jumping and dancing to Playboi Carti’s “What,” the floor caved in and dozens of people fell screaming into the void.

This homecoming party literally brought the house down.

Several students at the University of North Texas in Denton gathered at a third-floor apartment at The Ridge complex to throw a house party. But their celebration quickly turned into a disaster after the floor of the apartment collapsed under their combined weight.

While the students were jumping and dancing to rap music, the floor caved in and dozens of students fell screaming into the void. Fortunately, it was not a long fall.

As people tried to scramble up the wooden beams, the burst pipes started spewing water on them. Those who were lucky enough not to have fallen in the hole quickly turned on the lights and made a human chain to help the students up from the debris.

The apartment complex is a student-only community for those studying at the University of North Texas, Texas Woman’s University and North Central Texas College.

According to Denton Fire Marshal Brad Lahart, five to seven people were treated for minor injuries. Fortunately, no one suffered major injuries. Lahart also said at least 48 residents had to be displaced because of the collapse as the apartment management needed to bring in construction crew to certify the building's safety.

The residents of the second floor apartment, where the floor collapsed, were not in at the time of the incident but one of them, a UNT sophomore by the name of Carley Carroll, said they lost all their belongings, including the TV and computers.

The young women started a GoFundMe page where they said they reported their neighbor’s parties many times because they were concerned “the ceiling wouldn’t hold up.” They need $6,000 to recoup their losses.

However, many others managed to find humor in the entire situation.






Banner/Thumbnail credit: REUTERS, Ahmed Aboulenein

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