Unmarked Cop Car Makes Crash Entrance Into Pizza Parlor

An unmarked police vehicle injured two people after crashing into a packed pizza restaurant following an unexpected collision with another car.

unmarked police car

Two police officers and two civilians were injured in a car collision in Kentish Town located in northern London.

An unmarked police car used by two undercover officers crashed into a packed pizza restaurant where two diners were struck by the rogue vehicle, according to the Evening Standard.

The officers were responding to an emergency when they had a collision with another car that sent them smashing into the restaurant.

A man and a woman were hit and later treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The officers were also treated for whiplash.

Reports do not elaborate on the condition or state of the other driver, but according to the Standard, “the other vehicle involved stopped at the scene and the driver is assisting police with their inquiries.”

The real interesting question is, who will be deemed at fault for the crash? If the cops are held responsible, a subsequent lawsuit could be in their department’s future.

No arrests were made, as the investigation is ongoing. Luckily, the crash didn’t result in worse injuries or fatalities; however, it certainly startled the Pizza parlor patrons.

Several photos and video clips of the aftermath surfaced on social media with bystanders expressing shock and confusion.

According to BBC News, Freelance newsreader Zora Suleman recounted the incident in a tweet, "One minute everyone was chatting and drinking next sirens then a huge bang and ppl [sic.] screaming."


Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @NewJournal 

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