UPS Workers Surprise Teen Colleague Who Walks 10 Miles To Work

"This is a hardworking young man. He makes me emotional, so don't nobody laugh at me," a colleague says of the employee in a now-viral video.

It's a heartwarming tale of a lot of hard work and a little generosity. Derrick Taylor, 19, is an employee of UPS in Oxford, Alabama, Today reports.

Derrick didn't have a car, so he'd wake up each night he had work to walk five miles to get there. His shift begins at 4 a.m., and the job supports his sick mother. Derrick has been working since he was 14. 

The teen was allegedly "too proud" to accept rides from his work friends, Today reports, meaning he'd walk 10 miles to and from every shift so as not to burden his co-workers, presumably. 

Derrick had been working at the company for more than a year when his colleagues stepped in with a life-changing gift, and the presentation was captured on camera. 

"This is a hardworking young man," an assumed co-worker says in a viral video, referring to Derrick. "He makes me emotional, so don't nobody laugh at me. This young man wants to work so bad he's tried to walk to work. Everybody's come together and got something new for you. You've got your own ride now."

The co-worker points to a Jeep Cherokee. Everyone claps, and Derrick cries, overcome by his feelings. 

We might be crying, too. Somebody fork over the tissues. 

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