Upstairs Neighbors Have Hilarious Response To Sassy Noise Complaint

A creative writing major penned a scathing note to her loud upstairs neighbors and ended up getting invited to an “A******* Basketball Championchip.”


Sometimes, neighbors can be the bane on one’s existence — especially if they live directly above you and have hardwood floors, because every time they drag so much as a chair away from the table, it grates the eardrums and can eventually drive the downstairs neighbor up the wall.

A young woman, who goes by morgxmarie on Twitter, found herself in a similar situation. Having had enough of the dorm boys upstairs stomping around at awful hours, she decided to put a stop to her misery and pen a noise complaint.

She wrote:

 “Dear a*******,

Why are you so loud after 9 pm every day? Are you f***ing sumo wrestlers, or do you possibly have lead f***ing feet? Y'all are really wild as hell. It was funny @ first, but now you're just annoying! Please calm the f*** down.

Have an excellent night.

P.S. If you're selling tickets to the 2 a.m. basketball game let us know.”

As far as “notes to neighbors” go, this one was particularly nasty.

However, instead of getting offended or actually keeping it down, the recipients of the letter responded with a creative, yet priceless, note of their own.

Hilarious Response

“It's game time,” it read. “That was just a practice last night.”

Along with the letter came four free tickets to the “A******* Basketball Championchip” (sic) between the “2nd Floor B******” and the “3rd Floor Lead Foot A*******.”

In case there was some doubt about it, the neighbors had also printed “This is not a f****** joke” along the bottom.

Morgxmarie shared the note on social media, where it instantly went viral.




Some online users loved the misspelled “championship”:



Others shared their own experiences with loud neighbors:



… and then there were those who found the entire interaction extremely cute.


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