USA Today Columnist On Charlotte Protesters: ‘Run Them Down’

A writer for USA Today was temporarily banned from Twitter after posting a message that encouraged drivers to run Charlotte protesters over.

Glenn Reynolds

A conservative USA Today columnist named Glenn Reynolds got himself banned from Twitter after encouraging North Carolina drivers to run over protesters who were blocking traffic in Charlotte.

In response to a news station’s traffic tweet that warned of protesters impeding access to a major highway, Reynolds — under the Twitter handle @Instapundit — said, “Run them down.”

With just those three simple words, Reynolds not only incited violence, but also expressed support for actions that would violate protesters’ constitutional rights.

Infuriated Twitter users began reporting Reynolds’ tweet Wednesday night until his account was eventually suspended. However, by Thursday morning, his profile was back up. He claimed he was granted access after promising to remove the offensive tweet.

Despite his agreeing to delete the tweet, he was far from apologetic as he provided a link to where a screenshot of his tweet could be found so that his malicious message could live on.

Although what began as peaceful protests have turned into violent riots, promoting more aggressive behavior is totally inappropriate — particularly for a media professional.

What’s worse is that Reynolds is also a professor at the University of Tennessee, according to Mic. This means that he’s likely molding minds of college students with this type of hateful rhetoric.

Civic engagement and actively fighting against injustice are clearly not actions Reynolds advocates to his students if he thinks protesters should be run down, and that is problematic for our future.

Reynolds may not like the destructive way that Charlotte demonstrators are protesting, and if that is the case, then he should be pushing for organized, peaceful protest instead of provoking more violence.

If educators aren’t expressing solidarity or trying to help those who are being mistreated in this country, then the future of social justice and activism is doomed. 

Banner Photo Credit: Reuters

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