Even A Hurricane Won't Keep This Mailman From Doing His Job

Let’s take time out to appreciate the men and women who brave harsh weather conditions to make sure you get your mail on time.

The next time you complain about your job, just watch this video. [Content warning: Contains some NSFW language.]

As a postal delivery worker, you are expected to work in all kinds of weather conditions. And they mean it when they say “all kinds.”

Be it a rainstorm or blizzard, the United States Postal Service makes sure you get your mail on time.

That’s exactly what one postman did when he got out delivering mail, defying a hurricane, last week.

The video above has been doing rounds on social media lately, especially on Reddit where users are lauding the delivery guy for his determination and sharing similar stories about USPS employees.

“We had a postmaster here during a terrible storm get her car stuck two miles from her office in a blizzard,” wrote Redditor Kotyaer. She was told by her current mpoo to continue on foot since she was "so close.”

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, NOAA 

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