This Is What Vandals Did To America's 'Ugliest' Confederate Statue

The monument depicts Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest riding a horse and shooting behind himself.



The internet is celebrating some vandals who defaced a confederate statue with pink paint.

The roadside monument honoring a Civil War Confederate general and Ku Klux Klan leader, Nathan Bedford Forrest in Tennessee was drenched in pink paint. According to owner, Bill Dorris the statue has been vandalized many times before.

The 25-foot statue of a slave-trading Confederate Army and Ku Klux Klan leader shooting behind him while riding his golden horse was first erected in 1998 and is infamous for its hyper-realistic depiction of white supremacy. 

This latest defacement of the statue came just a week after Memphis’ city council voted unanimously to sell parks bearing Confederate statues to a private group, who then had one of the statues removed that night.

Dorris has no plans getting rid of the paint job.

"They've been trying to figure out how to cover it up," he said, speaking of community efforts to cover-up the statue. "I do think they've chose a real good color," he said. The owner of the confederate statue also plans to leave the bright pink paint on the statue anticipating it will turn red in the sunlight and “show up real good.”

Dorris once called slavery a form of “social security” for African Americans, “a cradle-to-the-grave proposition.”

Atlas Obscura once described the statue as a “Confederate statue that accurately reflects the ugliness of its subject.” It was designed by Jack Kershaw, a founder of the white supremacist League of the South who once defended the man who killed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Kershaw once was quoted in a New Orleans newspaper defending his creation by saying “somebody needs to say a good word for slavery.”

People on the internet couldn’t help but praise the vandals for defacing this confederate statue.











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