Vehicles Couldn't Stop Sliding Into Each Other In Montreal

A viral YouTube video shows cars, buses, a truck, and a snow plow sliding on an icy road in Montreal on Dec. 5, after a sudden dip in the temperature.

Winter's knocking on all our doors, and it's knocking rather loudly — especially in Québec. 

There are lots of reasons to despise the colder months, and a big one is the terrible road conditions. Even the most seasoned of winter drivers — aka Canadians — are prone to accidents. 

Just take this viral footage of an insane car pile-up in Montreal on Dec. 5, in which police cars, buses, and snow plows slide uncontrollably on the ice and crash into one another because the salt trucks hadn't made their rounds. Somebody even shouts, "Get out of the car!"  

The only vehicle that escapes scot-free? The taxi. 

Luckily, no one was injured in the pile-up, The Huffington Post reports

The comments section is hosting debates about where the drivers went wrong, with one user speculating everyone except for the taxi had locked their wheels.

The viewer writes,

"Why do they all lock their wheels? The taxi driver is the only one that doesn't, and he gets out fine. Please don't lock your wheels, then you really loose [sic] control of your car! Lesson learned!"

"Even without locking the wheels the busses [sic] would have no control," another YouTube user counters. "They're super heavy."

Moral of the story? Winter drivers should slow down and avoid icy roads where possible. 

One thing's for sure: It could have been a lot worse. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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