Veteran’s Last Facebook Post Before He Dies On NYE Is Oddly Prophetic

Former Marine Matthew DeRemer tragically died after a drunk driver hit him on New Years Eve—but what he posted earlier on Facebook that day was almost prescient.


Last day of 2015!!!! For me I'll be meditating through all I do, on this entire year. I've lost, I've gained, family is...

Posted by Matthew DeRemer on  Thursday, December 31, 2015

Former Marine Matthew DeRemer shared a message of hope and adventure with his Facebook friends on New Years Eve morning—a day that turned tragic when he was allegedly killed by a drunk driver while riding home at night on his motorcycle in Seminole, Florida.

DeRemer’s post read that, “We are born in 1 day. We can die in 1 day…Anything can happen in just 1 day,” which he added to by saying, “I really don't know where I'll end up tonight but I do know where I windup is where I'm meant to be.”

DeRemer’s words ring particularly poignant considering later that night, the very young, 31-year-old was hit by 59-year-old Steven Clarke, who was charged with DUI manslaughter. DeRemer died at the scene.

DeRemer was honorably discharged by the Marines and was attending school for surgical technology in Florida before he passed away.

According to ABC News, DeRemer’s parents remember him as a constant source of positivity and light: “Everybody was truly touched by him,” said his father, Michael DeRemer. “He was profound with his thoughts and would right down things that were very, very deep and meaningful.”

DeRemer’s post has gone viral after his death, garnering over 47,000 likes and 16,000 shares, most likely because it soberly demonstrates the ephemerality of life. 

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