Bus Ruins Weather Channel's Perfect Shot Of Georgia Dome Implosion

The Weather Channel wanted to capture a controlled implosion of the Georgia Dome. They had the perfect camera set-up. Everything was ready. Then a bus arrived.



Bloopers are a common occurrence during live television broadcasts and the one that took place with the Weather Channel recently was as hilarious as it was unfortunate.

The Georgia Dome was all set to implode after being used as the only facility in the world to host the Olympics, Super Bowl and Final Four for more than 25 years.

Several people were standing near the site to witness its demolition, including a cameraman from the Weather Channel.

James Crugnale set his camera up at a distance so that he could capture the people witnessing the dome implosion too.

It was the perfect frame, actually.

The countdown began and just when the nearly 5,000 pounds of explosives began reducing the huge facility to rubble, an Atlanta's Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit Authority bus stopped in front of the camera, blocking the almost the entire view.

“No bus! Get out of the way," Crugnale can be heard exclaiming in the background. 

The bus didn’t move till the building was demolished completely. When it moved all that was left was smoke and rubble. 

"If this is the biggest story, we're really glad about that," said MARTA's chief marketing and communications director, Goldie Taylor, trying to cover up the driver’s timing.

On Twitter, Taylor "sincerely apologized" to Crugnale for ruining his shot, but she wasn’t really sorry.


The stadium has reportedly been replaced by the $1.6 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium next door.


Banner / Thumbnail : Pixabay, Slondotpics

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