Video Gamer Creates His Own Personal Arcade On NYC Subway

Fellow passengers caught a man on tape playing video games on the New York City subway with a complete set-up, including TV monitor and Xbox console.

So, this happened...

Apparently, a very dedicated video gamer could not wait until he got home from school or work to make it to the next level of whatever he was playing.

The man brought his entire Xbox game console, complete with a wireless controller and a monitor, on a New York City Subway train Friday morning.

Being that such a spectacle isn’t something you see every day, many fellow passengers captured footage of the man’s perplexing set-up and shared it on Twitter.

People’s reactions varied from confusion to admiration. He was clearly unfazed by the fact that he was being recorded because in none of the clips does he bother looking up from his intense game.

He remained concentrated and focused.

Some of the clips show him in different positions, using the train floor and the bench he was sitting on as a desk for his own personal arcade.

One Twitter user asked the very brilliant question, “Where’s the video of him packing all that sh*t up and getting off the train” — which is actually something we probably all would have liked to witness.

Let’s hope that he wasn’t too wrapped up in the game to give himself enough time to get off the train without getting trapped between those pesky doors. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @SamCruzin

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