Toddler Leaves Viewers In Stitches After Taking Over Live Broadcast

During a segment about her brother's milk allergies, young toddler, Iris, took over the ITV Lunchtime News, cracking up host Alistair Stewart.

An unexpected guest made her TV debut this week, proving how crazy and unpredictable live broadcasts can be.

During an afternoon segment, hosted by ITV New’s veteran anchor Alastair Stewart, an adorable two-year-old girl decided to hijack his program and instantly became the star of the segment.

The toddler's mother, Lucy Wronka, and brother George were being interviewed about how it's important to recognize milk allergy symptoms in babies, and little Iris decided while that was going on she was going to keep herself busy by using the studio as her own little playground.

She ran all around the studio and then began jumping up in front of the news cameras. Right before the interview started, she stood in front of his desk and Stewart with a straight face said, "Joining me are mum Lucy Wronka and son George and right at the front of my desk, the delicious Iris who will do whatever she chooses to do over the next couple of minutes.”  

The veteran news anchor stayed professional while the little girl ran amok. He asked Wronka and George questions about milk allergies while Iris, who was on camera the entire time, tried her hardest to climb onto the studio desk to be closer to what was going on. 

Stewart did struggle to keep his composure during the broadcast and finally broke into a smile and laughed as he signed off. 

You can watch the hilarious video below.

She's so adorable you can't help but focus on her during the segment. People who tuned into the broadcast loved the addition to their lunchtime news so much they took to Twitter. 



Her desk climbing skills were even turned in a gif!  


Banner/thumbnail image credit: Wikimedia Commons user Newstruck 



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