Video Of Arabs And Jews Kissing Mysteriously Removed From Facebook

After hearing of a ban on a book about an "impossible love" between a Jewish woman and an Arab man, TimeOut Tel Aviv decided to film Jews and Arabs kissing.

Israel’s Minister of Education, Naftali Bennet, recently disqualified a book called "Gader Haya," (known in English as “Borderlife") written by Dorit Rabinyan from being added to the high school curriculum. 

His reasoning? 

He argues in a statement to NBC News that the book is “full of layers of hidden narratives, with criticism of the liberal-left part of the Israeli political spectrum, [and] wrapped in a romantic story of an impossible love.”

The "impossible love" he refers to is between Liat, an Israeli academic, and Hilmi, a Palestinian artist.

"The professional team came to the conclusion that young adolescent may have difficulty to go in depth into these layers," he continued.

Rabinyan was shocked when she found out that her book, which took six years to write, was disqualified.

"I think that what happened with the education ministry is an unbelievable scandal that cannot be imagined." she said. "The content of the book became the reason for its disqualification."

When TimeOut Tel Aviv heard of the book being disqualified, they decided that something needed to be done.

“When the story came out last Thursday we were already working on another big project. But during our editorial meeting this week we decided that we needed to take action against this decision," TimeOut Tel Aviv deputy editor Nof Nathanson told the Washington Post. "We immediately started working on the video."

The video is simple and yet powerful. Using six pairs of Arabs and Jews (some gay, some straight, some couples, some strangers, some friends), TimeOut Tel Aviv had each of the pairs take turns kissing.

It certainly turned a few heads and gained some traction, but not long after it was uploaded did it mysteriously disappear from their Facebook page. 

According to Haaretz, Facebook has already confirmed that they had nothing to do with the strange disappearance of the video, but offered no explanation as to how it could have happened.

Thankfully, the video can still be seen and shared on YouTube.

Check out the video below:

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Flickr/mystillalive

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