Video Of Fishermen Catching Possible Great White Shark Sparks Outrage

California's State Fish and Wildlife authorities are in search of fishermen featured in a viral video who appear to be catching a protected great white shark.

Some fishermen thought it would be a good idea to film themselves catching a young great white shark in Huntington Beach, California. They were wrong.

The video of the shark dangling from the pier has gone viral and sparked outrage among viewers and prompted a formal investigation by State Fish and Wildlife authorities, The Huffington Post reports.

According to State Fish and Wildlife spokesman Andrew Hughan, the shark’s fate is unknown as the video ends with the animal thrashing about on the pier as spectators take pictures and video.

Great white sharks are protected by the law and thus must be immediately released after being hooked or the person responsible could face fines up to $10,000.

“My first thought is, the fisherman needs to be informed on what type of fish they are catching and ignorance is no excuse,” Huntington Beach Marine Safety Lt. Claude Panis reportedly told The Orange County Register. “You have to be an educated fisherman.”

It is not totally clear if the shark in the video is, indeed, a great white due to its grainy quality, according to Hughan. However, there have been multiple great white sightings in the area where the clip was filmed. 

As for the careless fishermen featured in the clip, YouTube user David Koch said it best: "Too bad it didn't take one of their hands off. Have fun paying the fine for that one idiots." 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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