Video Shows Hillary Lying, Flip-Flopping For 13 Minutes

This YouTube video shaming Hillary Clinton has been getting more and more attention as the race for the presidential candidacy heats up between her and Trump.

In a YouTube video titled, “Hilary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight,” old videos of Clinton speaking are hilariously juxtaposed. She repeatedly shows that she is simply incapable of telling the truth.

Clinton is shown changing her mind over the years, flip-flopping on policy issues, laughing when inappropriate, and flat-out lying in some cases.

The montage really allows Clinton's disingenuous side to sparkle. She can't hide from the fact that she is a faux liberal who changes what she says to coincide with what's popular, not with what she actually believes.

Considering the polls, the Democratic candidate hasn’t been faring too well against her Republican opponent. A new Fox poll indicates that Trump just barely leads ahead of Clinton in popularity, with 42 percent favoring Clinton and 45 percent in favor of Trump. To be fair, there is a three percent margin for error.

Other recent polls suggest that Clinton is viewed by the public as more dishonest than Trump, although he isn’t really considered trustable either. The race to the bottom continues...



Banner Image Credit: Reuters

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