Video Shows Brave Nanny Chase Down Suspected Package Thief

Home security footage shows the nanny run outside after a woman, who stole a package off her employers’ front porch and tried to escape in a getaway car.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, mail theft is a great threat with packages and gifts traveling around the country between friends and loved ones.

A Washington state nanny, however, refused to allow the family she works for to be victims of package theft this year as video footage shows her chasing down and apprehending a suspect outside their home.

After a 29-year-old woman reportedly snatches a package off a family’s porch, the nanny is seen on home security footage running out of the house after her.

The thief’s getaway car sped off without her as she fell to the ground, allowing the nanny to catch up to her and drag her back to the home she stole from.

The police were called, and the woman was arrested on outstanding warrants. The nanny was unharmed in the altercation and was rewarded with dinner bought by the family. 

Unfortunately, the package was already inside the car as it drove away, but at least one of the culprits will have to pay for her crime

Banner / Thumbnail : Pixabay, PublicDomainPictures

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