Video Shows Target Security Guard Accuse Woman Of Being 'Illegal'

"You're illegally here, and you're having babies, and you're probably on welfare," said the unnamed security guard while harassing a woman and her baby.



Viral video footage shows a disturbing scene unfold in the parking lot of a Target store when a security guard was caught harassing a "panhandler."

The clip was filmed by Sonia Serrano Zavala, who shared it on Facebook where it has since garnered more than 16,000 shares.

The footage shows a parking lot security attendant in a golf cart questioning a Latina woman with her infant outside of a Lemon Grove, California, Target.

He was asking the woman if she was in the United States legally or not, accusing her of panhandling outside of the store, and asserting that she was having babies to be on welfare.

WARNING : Video contains graphic language that may be unsuitable for some viewers.

"What's going on with these ignorant people! This guard has no right to talk to anyone like that. I'm going to make sure he loses his job for (being) ignorant," Zavala wrote in her post, adding that he had "no right" to question the woman.

Apparently, the security guard had spotted the woman in the parking lot asking shoppers for money on more than one occasion and determined that her act was a "scam." In the video, he alleges that the woman is not homeless or poor and has a car and a condo.

"You're illegally here, and you're having babies, and you're probably on welfare," the unnamed security guard can be heard saying in the video.

While Zavala was filming, another woman intervened to stick up for the unidentified woman and her baby. A confrontation between her and the guard ensued, resulting in expletive-laced insults being hurled between the two of them.

The entire cringe-worthy ordeal just highlights the anti-immigrant sentiments that the current political climate has emboldened.

What may be the worst part about the video is that at one point, Zavala and the security guard begin arguing back and forth in Spanish, which suggests the security guard is also of Hispanic descent, yet targeted this woman and her baby with racist stereotypes

Here we are folks; just one year into President Donald Trump's America, and these incidents are rampant with no end in sight. 

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