A Snowboarder Was Left Dangling Upside Down Above A Mountain

Incredible video of a man being rescued after he dramatically dangles upside-down from a chairlift has gone viral for all the right reasons.

The horrific incident took place at the Mount Ashland Ski Area in Oregon. The snowboarder was dangling by the safety leash on his board.


The snowboarder, who has not been identified, forgot to unclip the leash before jumping off, and as a result, found himself suspended upside down precariously above the slopes at the ski area.

Thankfully he was quickly helped out of this terrible situation with the help of quick-thinking chair lift operators who brought him back to safety.

The operator stopped the lift near a tower while a ski patroller guided the hapless man to a ladder. Other patrollers and personnel placed a protective cushion below the man as a precautionary measure to make sure nothing went wrong during the rescue.


The entire incident was cleared within five minutes, said Mount Ashland’s general manager Hiram Towle.

He praised the operators for saving a life.

"The team did a phenomenal job and are to be commended," he said.

After being rescued, the unharmed snowboarder said he forgot he had tried to reduce weight on his snowboard by clipping the leash to the chair while riding with two others.

Oregon law requires snowboarders to have leashes attached to their boards in order to prevent them from hitting other people.

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