Viral Film Imagines Trump As An Immigrant-Smashing Robot

A viral comedic short film depicts President-elect Donald Trump as a violent robot who attacks Latino immigrants by shooting bullets from its groin.

Aparato Production House released a comedic short film that imagines President-elect Donald Trump as an immigrant-smashing robot who shoots weaponry from its groin.

The film, called M.A.M.O.N, which stands for "Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide," offers a cinematically stunning vision of a robotic Trump-ocalypse.

The BBC interviewed the film's creator, Uruguayan filmmaker Alejandro Damiani, on the message behind the viral video. 

"I decided to do something for my friends in Mexico," Daiani explained. "That people needs [sic] our help with Trump right now."

The film shows a robotic Trump, manned by the reality TV personality himself, attacking Latino immigrants after throwing them over the border. After killing many of the bystanders, the robot is eventually defeated by a holy chicken that comes down from the sky and decimates the Trump-bot.

Trump, presumably harmed in the collapse of the machine, cannot get the life-saving surgery he needs because his Latino surgeon was destroyed in the firestorm. The film ends with Trump's body being left for dead by the other surgeons before his blond hair leaves his head, crawling away like a spider.

Despite the significant symbolism of the film, Damiani insisted, "It's not a political short film. It's a joke. It's humor."

Damiani wanted to channel the "Hollywood style" and "huge production values" of American films, which he certainly did with the incredible visuals and cinematic scope of the movie.

Trump's comments about Mexican immigrants have ranged from vulgar to belittling, and his remarks completely sidestep his own history of employing and taking advantage of illegal immigrants. Damiani's film challenges Trump's narrative of the "rapists and criminals" coming from Mexico by showing a surgeon, a Miss USA competitor, and a taco stand owner who are thrown over "The Wall" Trump has threatened to build.

The supposedly comedic short film does have an air of poignancy to it in the way it reflects the attitudes of xenophobia and racism that are threatening Latino communities. The depiction of Robo Trump and his defeat however, is seriously satisfying and entertaining. The only question that remains is how long before Trump discovers the film and throws an inevitable tantrum about it on Twitter?

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

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