Viral Photo Shows Usain Bolt Smiling As He Blows Past His Opponents

An outpouring of Usain Bolt memes erupted on Twitter after the Jamaican sprinter won his third consecutive gold in the 100-meter race on Sunday.

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On Sunday night, Usain Bolt made Olympic history, winning the 100-meter sprint Olympic event in Rio for the third time in a row. He completed the dash in just 9.81 seconds.

A Getty image of the Jamaican runner by Australian photographer Cameron Spencer has shattered the internet.

In the iconic photo on the right, it appears that Bolt is posing for the camera as he speeds ahead of his competition. The snap was captured during the 100-meter semifinal earlier on Sunday.

It’s not the first time Bolt has won over the hearts of his global fan base, but this photo just might go down as the greatest memory from the Rio Olympics.

In the photo, a huge grin is plastered across Bolt’s face, as he knows he is about to taste victory as the fastest man alive for the third consecutive Olympics. Giving a quick backwards glance to his competitors who lag behind him, Bolt happily checked his proverbial rear-view mirrors to see that he was, in fact, ahead of the pack.

His fans wouldn’t expect it to be any other way, quite frankly. Bolt has now repeatedly swept up the gold medal in the 100-m dash, and, despite his fierce competition this year, he once again succeeded.

Bolt defeated Justin Gatlin of the United States, who took second place at 9.89 seconds, and Andre De Grasse of Canada, in third, at 9.91. Bolt has confirmed that he won't be returning to another Olympics, but he certainly had a good run while his winning streak lasted. 

Hilarious memes of the Getty image poured out onto social media after the picture was released. Here are a few of the top tweets.







Banner photo credit: Reuters

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