Woman Refuses To Let Childbirth Stop Her From Finishing College Finals

In an effort to finish the semester strong, one Kansas woman worked diligently on her college finals from a hospital bed before giving birth.

One woman’s dedication to finish her final exams will make you feel like you are going about life all wrong.

Nayzia Thomas has become a viral sensation and universal symbol of perseverance after posting a photo of herself working on her finals while in labor with her child.

“[This pic is] the perfect explanation of my life,” Thomas wrote in the caption of her post. “Yes I’m about to have a baby, but final SZN ain’t over yet.”

The Johnson County Community College Kansas City student reportedly attended classes up until she was 39 weeks pregnant with the intention of finishing her last assignment before giving birth. However, the baby threw a monkey wrench in his mom’s plans by sending her into labor sooner than expected.

“[The assignment] wasn’t due until the end of the week — finals week is Dec. 11 to tomorrow — but my goal was to try to have everything done before,” Thomas told Yahoo Lifestyle. “[I thought] ‘before all this gets crazy let me hurry up and finish this final.’”

While she was able to finish her work just two hours before delivering her son, she experienced some terrifying complications in the process. Apparently, she lost too much blood after giving birth and her body went into shock, causing her to lose consciousness.

Nevertheless, Thomas triumphed over that obstacle as well and updated her Twitter followers that her family was safe and healthy. Additionally, she’s finishing the semester with a 3.5 GPA.

To say that Thomas is resilient would be an understatement. Whenever you need a boost of encouragement in times of stress, think of Thomas and let her determination motivate you to power through. 

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