Waitress Saves 87-Year-Old Woman Trapped In Her Tub For Four Days

A pensioner who lives alone became stuck in her bathtub and couldn’t get out for four days. A waitress at her usual dining spot came to her rescue.

waitress saves old woman

An 87-year-old woman was trapped in her bathtub for four days until she was rescued by a thoughtful waitress in Southend, England.

BBC reported that Tomassi’s waitress Sonia Congrave, 39, noticed something unusual when she didn’t see her regular customer Doreen Mann for a few days.

Congrave called the police to check on Mann, and, sure enough, she was in dire need of help. It just wasn’t like Mann to miss out on going to her favorite restaurant, where she went four times a week.

waitress rescue old woman stuck in bathtub

She said, “It was her birthday on the Wednesday and she came in like normal. She didn’t come in for a few days and she came in like normal. She didn’t come in for a few days and then she didn’t come in on Saturday like she always does...”

Congrave continued, “On the Monday she didn’t come in and the best thing I did was call the police because I was concerned and luckily I had her address so the police went to check if she was ok,” Congrave told Southend Echo.

Mann’s patio door was left unlocked, and police could hear her calling for help.

Over a four day period stuck inside her tub, Mann said that she survived by drinking water from the tap and refilling the bath with hot water, until police came to help her out.

Mann reportedly said, “I went to turn over onto my knees to get out of the bath, and I couldn’t. My body wouldn’t turn over.”

waitress rescue old woman stuck in bathtub

Despite being terribly frightened, Mann managed to stay calm, but is unsure where her strength came from. She said, “I don’t understand how calm I kept. It wasn’t natural. Something kept telling me ‘keep calm’.”

Fortunately for Mann, Congrave has made arrangements with her to assist her in and out of the bath and has also bought her a cell phone in case of future emergencies.

After spending four days in the bathtub, it’s a fair bet to say that Mann’s favorite slice of cake from Tomassi’s never tasted so good. 

Banner photo: YouTube screengrab, Sky Star

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