Waitress Stuns Herself With Hidden Ninja Reflexes

A waitress displayed some astonishing natural instinct as she was captured on video saving a mug from falling on the ground with a simple kick of her foot.

Surveillance footage from a Spanish restaurant captured the epic moment a waitress used her secret ninja reflexes to save a mug from a shattering fate.

In the video, the woman can be seen standing on her tippy-toes reaching for a dish. As the mug slips through her finger tips, it looks as though it’s about to be a goner and her only next step is to get a broom.

However, before the cup gets a chance to hit the ground, the waitress nonchalantly kicks her heel up, catches the mug, and shoots it into a sink filled with water — saving it from doom.

After realizing what she had done, her reaction was a combination of shock and relief as she gasped and rested her head against the shelf before turning to look at her coworker with a huge smile and finally rubbing her forehead in disbelief.

It is a moment she will surely never forget and one that she has every right to be proud of.

The footage was posted to Reddit where commenters responded in awe and commended her skills.

The video also triggered the memories of a few commenters, prompting them to share their own epic moments.

Regular_feller said, “I used to work at Pier 1, I knocked 2 glasses off a shelf once caught the first one righty, slid to my knees and caught the other lefty. No one saw. No one cared. No one will care now. It was my finest hour.”

“I once threw an empty water bottle casually across the room into a small bin,” commenter celerym recounted. “It somehow landed on the edge in such a way that it bounced up, spun into the air and landed perfectly in the bin. Luckily someone saw it. It was a lot more impressive than I can describe here and I played it off like I always do that sort of thing.”

The comment thread is filled with people patting themselves on the back for their own similar stealthy reflexes that were either seen by very few people or no one at all.

Diepio_noob summed up exactly why this particular waitress’s experience takes the cake:

“Everyone has one of these moments some time in their life. The real rarity here is that was both real life witnesses that appreciated the moment, and the camera to catch it. If only we were all so lucky.” 

Banner Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot 

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