Watch A Wheelchair-Bound Student Walk Across The Stage At Graduation

University of South Florida graduate Sam Bridgman has been using a wheelchair since he was 18 due to Friedreich's ataxia, WKRN reports.

Keep the tissues on hand: A video of a disabled student walking across the stage at his grad school graduation is totally tear-inducing. 

University of South Florida graduate Sam Bridgman, 25, earned two master's degrees on May 6, WKRN reports. He stood up from his wheelchair and strode across the platform with the help of a couple friends to accept his diplomas. 

Bridgman has Friedreich's ataxia (FA), an inherited disease which damages the nervous system. It has left him dependent on a motorized wheelchair for the past seven years. There's currently no cure or treatment for FA

The announcer calls Bridgman's name in the beginning of the clip, and the crowd is seen clapping and cheering. It only grows louder as Bridgman, who's all smiles, nears his destination on stage. 

It's a moving moment shared by everyone in the vicinity, and Bridgman's happiness — the most important part! — rings clear. 

Well done, Mr. Bridgman.

If you'd like to support Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance, check out the website

And watch the inspirational video:

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