Baby Iguana Running From Starving Snakes Will Give You Nightmares

This little iguana was just recently born but that did not stop these merciless snakes from attacking it in hordes and trying to eating it.



Source: Twitter, BBC

Living in a dog-eat-dog world is tough, especially when you are a baby lizard running for your life from the moment of birth.

In a heart-stopping footage, BBC’s "Planet Earth II" featured a tiny iguana being chased by a whole nest of snakes in Galapagos Islands.

The newly born iguana is sitting basking in the sun when a long snake approaches it. The little animal is wary but lets its guard down when the snake passes it by. However, another snake soon sneaks up behind it and almost bites it on the tail. The iguana leaps and runs for its life but suddenly a whole swarm of snakes appears out of nowhere and start chasing the creature.

The little iguana is able to create some distance between itself and its natural enemies and thinks it has gotten away. But as soon as it climbs a rocky outcrop, it is once again attacked by another den. The newborn lizard is wrapped in the coils of several snakes that are determined to crush it to death. But miraculously it is able to slip free and escape.

On its way up the sanctuary of rocks, it meets many other snakes that swipe at it with their fangs and almost bite it, but with some skilled acrobatics he manages to get away and finds its way to the top where a companion awaits him.

It’s not clear whether the pursuing snakes eventually find him but the little iguana was last seen sitting peacefully with its friend on a cliff top.

This is not a segment from a movie. The struggle for survival is very real for these little animals that are forced to fend for themselves from the moment they are born. The iguana, however, has evaded its predators for the moment and internet users are filled with praise for it.










Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS, Juan Carlos Ulate

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