Watch The Beautiful Moment Teen Learns He's Getting A Heart Transplant

A 14-year-old suffering from cardiomyopathy could hardly contain his excitement and shock upon learning he was going to finally receive a new heart.

Albert Jeffries, whose nickname is “Al-J,” was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy at just four months old. The severe heart condition greatly threatened his life. 

"His heart was barely squeezing," Albert's mom, Tina Turner, told Fox 8 in December. "That was the beginning of our journey. The doctor said he wasn’t going to make it overnight. I was like—I know that there’s a God. He's going to make it."

Now, the North Carolina teen is 14 years old and has battled his condition with his family by his side while knowing he would ultimately need a heart transplant to survive.

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Turner received news from Al-J's doctors last week that they found a heart for her son. They all caught his reaction on camera when she relayed the amazing news.

Al-J could hardly contain himself. He was visibly elated. His breathing became rapid and he must have thought he was dreaming because at one point he couldn’t stop asking, “What’s going on?”

All the while his mother was crying tears of joy and laughing at her son’s reaction, assuring him that she was not joking and he was really getting a new heart.

It was a beautiful moment between mother and son, both realizing that all of their hopes and prayers over the last 14 years were finally coming true. 

According to the Daily Mail, hours after they told Al-J they had a heart for him, he underwent a successful surgery. He suffered some kidney issues that were contained and he's reportedly recovering well.

Once he has recovered fully, Al-J hopes he can start playing football and riding bikes — normal pastimes that his health never allowed him to do before. 

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