Water Bottle Signed By ‘Bottle-Flipping Kid’ Gets $15K Bid On eBay

The teen that went viral for flipping a half empty water bottle onto a table was offered more than $15,000 for a signed replica of the plastic bottle.

A viral video of a high school senior flipping a water bottle onto a table for his school talent show has confused and delighted the internet.

Mike Senatore is the teen known as “bottle flipping kid” since his classmates went absolutely berserk after he demonstrated the simple little flip during a school talent show and posted a video of it online.

Now, one of Senatore’s classmates named Sam Chuong has been offered $15,100 on eBay for a replica Kirkland water bottle that has been signed and flipped by Senatore.

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Although the bottle Chuong is auctioning is not the same one used in the video, it’s a hot commodity because it includes Senatore’s authentic signature and has been flipped by him.

Chuong wrote a disclaimer to accompany his listing: "This item is a replica and has been approved by Michael Senatore ... the real bottle has been disposed. Authentic signature and can/has been flipped by Michael Senatore."

According to Mashable, Senatore verified Chuong’s post, confirming that the bottle does contain his signature and he did flip it.

"The one by Sam Chuong has been flipped and signed by me, yes,” the teen said. “Everything else is a fake. Although that signed bottle was not the one that was flipped in the show. The bids are absolutely mind boggling.”

Evidently, bidders were not discouraged by the fact that this is a duplicate bottle as the final bid landed at $15,100.

Despite the overnight celebrity status Senatore has achieved, he admits that he doesn’t have his hopes up about the $15K bid being real.

“I imagine some of these bids have to be fake haha I mean it is only a water bottle," he wrote to Mashable on Twitter. "Who knows someone may have actually put down $15,100. We have been in contact, and he said he would let me know if the money actually transfers."

Regardless of the thousands of dollars he may or may not ever see, Senatore humbly expressed his gratitude for all the support he’s gotten from his new internet fans.

“It has been a surreal experience. I can't thank my senior class enough for supporting me in the talent show, their reaction is why I am here in NY today and have had the opportunity to become the 'bottle flipping kid.' Also I wouldn't say I'm the best bottle flipper around haha, I imagine there are some who watch my video and scoff at the idea I'm internet famous because of one flip. I would like to say again that it wasn't just the flip but everything before and after it that makes it so special.”

Who would have thought flipping a water bottle could have such an impact on a young man’s life?

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @AM570LASports

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