TV Reporter Freaks Out Over An Unwelcome Visitor During Live Newscast

The reporter had no idea she would be sharing screen time with a creepy spider during the morning's traffic report.

Olessa Stepanova, a reporter for WCVB-TV in Boston, had no idea what awaited her when her news team cut to their traffic camera during a broadcast.

Suddenly, there she was — sharing screen time with none other than a giant spider!

It was actually just a normal-sized spider, blown up as it perched blithely on the camera lens.

Stepanova was freaked out and couldn’t help trying to get away from the gross sight, however, there was no way she could actually do that.

"I'm so sorry, that is horrifying!" Stepanova cried.

"Let's just go to the maps," she finally pleaded with her team.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Unsplash/John-Mark Smith

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