Wedding Disaster Averted When A Syrian Refugee Stepped In To Help

A Syrian refugee who had been in Ontario for only four days became an unlikely hero when he helped his neighbor avoid a wedding catastrophe.

Since November of 2015, nearly 31,000 Syrian refugees have made Canada their new home.

A heartwarming tale of a recently arrived refugee from Syria emerged over the weekend from a wedding photographer, Lindsay Coulter, who is based in Ontario, CNN reported.

Coulter was busy taking pictures of the pre-wedding preparations of bride Jo Du when the bride's zipper popped off the back of her gown.

In what would have normally been an absolute disaster, Du’s potentially bad omen was rendered obsolete when an unlikely good Samaritan stepped in to help.

Du’s neighbor, David Hobson, had just several days earlier offered room and board to a family of refugees from Syria.

To the bride’s fortune, one of the boarding refugees at Hobson’s house, Ibrahim Halil Dudu, was a professional tailor and offered his expertise at no cost—and despite not speaking much English.

As Coulter’s beautiful photographs captured, Dudu neatly sewed Du’s dress into place, “saving the day,” so to speak.

In this touching Facebook post, Coulter wrote of how the bridal incident inspired her to create a crowdfunding campaign for the Dudu family and other privately sponsored refugees. The Dudus are just a few of the 11,360 people who have adopted Canada as their new home as part of the country's private sponsorship program since last November.

Despite the negative reputation that certain politicians attach to people fleeing from Syria, tales such as this prove that friends can come from the most unlikely of places.

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