Aussie Politicians Dancing To Daft Punk Will Make You Cringe

The awkward dance took off at the party's state election campaign launch — and it lasted for 34 seconds.


Politicians are better at things like making policies and removing unemployment, but the Western Australia Liberals thought they were good at one other thing — dancing.

Unfortunately, they looked anything but cool.

The party attempted to dance to Daft Punk’s hit, "One More Time."

Members of the party can be seen trying to pull off their moves at this extremely un-disco party. Bill Marmion gave a rather enthusiastic high five and Liza Harvey tried her best to show her dance moves. They were all looking awkward, and clapping out of time.

One thing is for sure, if the cabinet ever depends on wooing voters for another term with a cringe-worthy stunt like this one, the results will be devastating.

The 34-second dance routine started moments before Premier Colin Barnett came on stage and promised a tax cut for seniors that would be implemented over two years and will be applicable to property worth up to $750,000. More than 4,000 seniors are expected to save about $50 million with the duty cut. He also mentioned a $110 million planned investment in a live-export facility that is to be funded from the proceeds of the government’s planned 51 percent sale of Western Power.

West Australian Labor leader Mark McGowan also promised to prevent local jobs from going offshore.

But the reaction on Twitter did not focus on anything but the dance.






Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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