What Is Finstagram, And Why Is It So Popular?

There's a secret world of "Finstagram" on Instagram, which is a place where teens can express themselves without the pressure of having a perfect presence.

Unless you've been under a rock, you most likely have heard about Instagram — you know, the social media platform that's used by over 700 million people monthly. Users scroll through pictures of perfectly arranged meals and incredibly staged travel pictures.

But have you heard of Finstagram?

Standing for "fake Instagram," Finstagram, or Finsta, are young people's alter-ego Instagram accounts, The Daily Dot reported. These private accounts let people post self-deprecating selfies and memes to a select few without tarnishing their main, more public-facing account.


Basically, normal Instagram is becoming too superficial. (Hello, Rich Kids of Instagram.)

"Finsta is a place for stories about waking up late, having negative dollars in your bank account, or posting captions like, 'I'm an excellent housekeeper, every time I leave a man I keep his house,'" Townson University student and 19-year-old Casey Reilly told The Daily Dot.


While the definition varies based on the teen you're asking, Finstagram is more exclusive, where people can be more personal and arguably, themselves. 

The Guardian's theory is that Finstagrams are growing in popularity with young females because "the pressure on them to look good in their public posts is more intense than it is for boys."

"I hate to say it but regular insta, for most people, I think, is something very meticulously curated, even if it's not that obvious or even if they set it to private," another teen told The Daily Dot.

On the flip side, their traditional accounts are referred to as "Rinstagrams," for "real Instagram." 

There are also "finsta snitches," or people who take screenshots of your trusted and private account and post them publicly, according to The New York Times

(Are you still following?)

The entire existence of Finstagrams and the idea that Instagram has to show off a "perfect" life might be telling of how much social media influences our daily lives and self-esteem. As The New York Times put it: "Life becomes a never-ending junior varsity "Vanity Fair" shoot."

And as we all know by now, scientists have found that this isn't good for your mental health at all.

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