Mysterious Foam Swallows Up Streets In Bay Area

After a fire suppression system malfunctioned, a blob of foam oozed out into the streets of Santa Clara. Cars were buried beneath the stuff, and bikers rode right through it.

It’s the ultimate foam fantasy: Random fizz appeared in the San Francisco Bay Area today, burying the streets and the cars parked on top of it, SF Gate reports. The foam came from a “mysterious blob” that seemed to be traveling from the west end of the San Jose International Airport. Nearby residents rode their bikes through it and played with it. If this is hard to picture, have no fear — we have actual footage:

On Friday afternoon, the wind was blowing the foam around, prompting an actual fear of a foam tornado, which, had the wind blown JUST right, may have resulted in a foampocalypse. You never know.

Ahead, a completely baffled newscaster, helplessly watching the foam roll in: 

So what caused all the foam? The Santa Clara Fire Department says it was simply a fire suppression system that stopped working.

An official with Corporate Communications confirmed the foam was fire-fighter discharge, Kron4 reports.

Not so mysterious after all, but amusing nonetheless.  

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage

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