Watch People React To The Idea Of A Donald Trump Presidency In 1999

The 2016 presidential election might be the business mogul’s first official foray into politics, but he has toyed with the idea for quite some time.

The '90s were a simple yet brilliant time — for everyone except Donald Trump, apparently.

Some might find it hard to believe, but the boorish billionaire who has cemented his position as Republican Party front-runner for the presidential nomination, wasn’t always as popular in the political world.

 In fact, many found the mere thought of him as a political leader to be absurd, to say the least.

CNN recently unearthed years old footage of people on the street reacting to a potential Trump candidacy. The interviews were recorded back in 1999, right after the business mogul formed a presidential exploratory committee.

“Donald Trump for president? Ludicrous," exclaimed one man, while the other said, “I'm a little concerned about individuals who don't really have a track record in politics.”

A woman went as far as to call it the “most ridiculous thing” she had ever heard.

“I don't trust him,” another man said. “He's rich and makes deals, he's a power broker, and I would never trust him. I would never vote for Donald Trump.”

However, there was one person who turned out to be in favor of business mogul’s potential candidacy.

“I think he'd be good because I'm a Republican and I'm for big business,” he said. “I'd vote for him.”

Trump didn’t end up running in the 2000 election because, as he later stated in a New York Times op-ed, America was not ready for a businessman president. We might wonder what all those people, who once laughed at the idea of Trump running for the president, think of the situation now.

Back then, it was the former reality TV star’s status as political outsider that pushed away many potential voters. Now it seems people are seeking out the very same qualities they, or their parents, once despised in a presidential candidate.

Watch all the reactions in the video above.

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