Car Drives Around With A Swarm Of Bees Attached To It For 2 Days

A colony of bees went to the extreme to save their queen who was accidentally trapped in the trunk of a U.K. driver’s Mitsubishi for at least two days.

Could you imagine a swarm of 20,000 bees following your car around for two days?

For most of us, that scenario is a terrifying nightmare, but for one U.K. man it became a reality.

A queen bee somehow got trapped in the trunk of a man’s car and all of her devoted subjects went after her and hunted the vehicle down. 

Beekeeper Roger Burns reportedly told Metro U.K. that when he and his colleagues realized the queen was trapped in the trunk of the car they attempted to get her out.

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"We think the queen had been attracted to something in the car, perhaps something sweet, and had got into a gap on the boot's wiper blade or perhaps the hinge," he said.

The bees didn’t surround the entire car, just the area of the trunk where the queen was trapped.

Burns reportedly tried brushing the insects into a cardboard box to make way for the queen to get out, but the driver got in his car can drove off before she was successfully removed.

"Eventually the car owner returned and drove off without realizing the queen was still hidden in the back," Burns said, "I think the owner must have been a bit scared of the swarm that was hanging around and just wanted to get away without realizing they were attracted the car because of the queen."

Unfortunately for the driver, the bees didn’t budge for two whole days.

According to Burns, in all of his 30 years of beekeeping he had never seen a colony of bees do something like that. While he noted it is normal for them to follow their queen, it’s apparently uncommon to see them swarm a car for multiple days.

It’s unclear if the queen ever got out or if the bees finally separated from the trunk of the silver Mitsubishi Outlander — but if not, hopefully the driver has ditched the infestationand started taking the bus. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @Gizmodo

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