When It Comes To 'Covfefe' Merriam-Webster Has No Words

Merriam-Webster, one of the internet's favorite political trolls, had nothing on President Donald Trump's new word? Typo? Autocorrect fail? Short, fat finger faux pas?

Trump's now-deleted late night tweet covfefe

The only great thing President Donald Trump has given the world since his election is comedy gold.

Last night, the president either dozed off mid-tweet or masterminded a media madhouse by tweeting, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe."

The tweet has since been deleted and replaced with a presidential guessing game, as well as a both highly annoyed and highly amused internet searching for answers. However, what chance do we all have when the dictionary doesn't even have a clue?

Merriam-Webster has brought a little joy into our lives by regularly replying to Trump and his administration's loose use (or abuse) of the English language with the most savage comebacks of all: the truth. In fact, the dictionary has been quite a political troll this past election cycle.

However, the folks at Merriam-Webster didn't have much to say about covfefe because, quite simply, it doesn't exist.

That doesn't mean the internet hasn't found a way to summon covfefe into being though, as NPR showed in a collection of the best responses to the tweet. A Twitter account name Covfefe the Strong swiftly appeared, and another account titled the Wizard Covfefe soon challenged them to an all out Twitter fantasy war.

Some have speculated over whether covfefe is actually a spice that will take a dish to the next level. But whatever covfefe ends up being or not being, it has certainly made Trump's return from screwing up NATO slightly more bearable, even if it did come from the president himself.

And who knows? The dictionary is always growing, so maybe Merriam-Webster will find a definition for covfefe after all.

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