Where Should The Next Disney Princess Come From?

Exploring countries and regions that could offer the right mixture of beauty and imagination for a new Disney Princess.

latina disney princess

With Disney announcing the future release of a Hawaiian and Latina Disney Princess, we are left wondering where could the next Disney princess come from? Here are our votes for countries and regions that Disney should explore.

The Philippines

The Philippines offers a vibrant and colorful culture. Not to mention, Filipinos love to sing and dance, so there would be great hits from a movie like this for sure. 

Philippines girls


A Bollywood-inspired Disney princess should have happened ages ago. 

Indian GirlsIndian Girls Pictures


While The Lion King was an amazing movie, I think everyone was left wanting for a princess! 

Beautiful Ghana Girls


Thailand's beautiful traditional outfits and mesmerizing dances would create a visually stunning movie. 

Thai Girl PhotosThai Girls BeautyThailand Beauty


We need a princess from somewhere no one knows about. Albania would be perfect. They are a beautiful people with strange and interesting stories that most people wouldn't know about. Basing a Disney princess in Albania would create a setting and story that is totally new and unfamiliar to most. Plus, they have a really sweet flag. 

Albania girls

Culture of AlbaniaAlbanian girls

Where do you think the next princess should come from? 

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