Teacher Threatens To Call Trump, Have Students 'Sent Back To Africa'

Teacher and boys golf coach John Sousa told three Black students he’d call Donald Trump to deport them to Africa. He’s on administrative leave.

Another day, another egregious comment from a Trump supporter.

This time, a white teacher in Florida (are you surprised?) threatened to call Donald Trump to send a few Black students “back to Africa,” the Tampa Bay Times reports.

John Sousa, the teacher in question, has been suspended from Wesley Chapel High School since making the remark, which has caused widespread backlash. An employee relations investigator is currently on the case.

Donald Trump

A Nov. 9 Facebook post from Donnie Jones Jr., parent of one of the targeted students, has gone viral, with thousands of reactions and shares, plus hundreds of comments.

“My child and two other students walking down the hallway at Wesley Chapel High School and a white male teacher asks them what are they up to (it's during period break so they are supposed to be there mind you),” he wrote. “Anyway the teacher says to them ‘Don't make me call Donald Trump to get you sent back to Africa.’ When my child told me that I didn't know what to say. I was blown away. I'm not going to lie, I saw RED!!! I did almost 100 getting back up to that school. I'm beyond pissed right now. I damn near have tears in my eyes.”

A day later, Jones Jr. posted again.

“One of my good friends located [Sousa’s] phone number,” he wrote. “Well being the parent that I am I called him. He actually admitted saying it. He said it was just an off the wall comment and wasn't meant to be racist. He said it was a bunch of male and female students in the hallway and he was talking to everyone. Let's be honest here. I could see if he said Donald's going to deport everyone. (Even then I would have questions) but my daughter said he pointed at the 3 black students and said Donald's going to send you back to Africa. I believe he's sorry but he's only sorry because he's in trouble.”

Sousa will be interviewed the morning of Nov. 18, and district spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said they’re taking the reported behavior “very seriously.”

"We will not tolerate it," she said. "We are following our investigative procedures and will take appropriate action."

As more instances of targeted discrimination come out of the woodwork following the contentious election cycle, we can all do our part in admonishing the behavior. While there’s absolutely no place for racism, it’s especially unacceptable in presumed safe environments … which every American school should be.  

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