Why Is Everyone So Fascinated By A Giant Puddle In England?

A huge puddle in England took over the Internet this morning as thousands tuned into a live stream to watch people attempt to get across.

Thousands around the globe have dedicated time that they will never get back to watching British people attempt to avoid a giant puddle in Newcastle, England.

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People have been live-streaming through Periscope and Tweeting hilarious reactions to everyone trying to get around this gnarly puddle.

Since it started trending worldwide, it has pretty much become a new spectator sport.

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It truly is quite captivating to see the odd and creative ways people try to get across the puddle from using bikes to surfboards to floatation devices. It’s also absolutely hilarious when they fail. 

The puddle watching has become such a phenomenon that there is even a 600ml water bottle of the dirty liquid being “sold” on eBay for more than £65,000.

The live-stream has already ended, but there are enough video clips, pictures and parodies floating around that give pretty much the same effect as seeing it in action.

No one really has an answer for why this puddle took the entire Internet by storm, but it's clear that it offered folks a good laugh and silly distraction from the mundane, humdrum duties of life.

In a world where hate, violence, racism and sexism currently thrive ... sometimes, people just need something to laugh at to remember it's not all bad. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Yuya Shino

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