With One Glance, Michelle Obama Conveys The Anguish America Feels

A photo capturing Michelle Obama looking less than thrilled to be welcoming the Trump family into the White House on Inauguration Day has gone viral.

Former president Barack Obama waves with his...

Many people wear their emotions on their face, making it difficult for them to mask their feelings whether happy or sad — Michelle Obama is one of those people.

Since President Donald Trump’s shocking and devastating election win, many awkward moments have been shared between the Obamas and the Trumps, including an ironic photo of then-President Barack Obama and Trump shaking hands that went viral.

Flash forward to Inauguration Day, and more phony niceness between the two families is made apparent by a photographer who captured Michelle Obama’s pained facial expression while she and Barack greeted the Trumps Friday morning.

Michelle Obama’s face perfectly illustrated the anguish America, as a unit, is feeling as Trump’s dreaded presidency officially begins.

Then, things got even weirder when Melania Trump gifted Michelle Obama with a Tiffany & Co. signature blue box. While it was a nice gesture, she chose a bad time to hand our outgoing first lady the gift as it was just before a photo op. Michelle had no clue what to do with the bright blue box in her hands — at least, that’s the story the expression on her face told.

Whether intentional or not, Michelle Obama’s face as she and her husband “welcomed” the Trumps — who want to crush their legacy — into their home conveyed the melancholy sentiments that most of America is experiencing. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters

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