Witty Boyfriend Describes Everything About His Girlfriend With Pokemon

Someone made a hilarious tribute to their girlfriend by renaming their captured Pokemon to describe all of her attributes and personality traits.

It’s no secret that “Pokemon Go” has taken the world by storm since its release last month. The hype over the app has yet to subside as players become more and more invested in the game, making it an inherent component of their daily lives.

The app allows users to personalize the creatures by renaming their Pokemon characters, and one clever boyfriend dedicated his entire arsenal to his beloved girlfriend.

Screenshots of his characters were posted to Imgur with some of them being extremely flattering and others, not so much.

The images were also picked up by Singaporean humor site SGAG and posted to their official Facebook.


He literally thought of everything — from his girlfriend’s reaction to discounts, how she looks with and without makeup, her frustration while picking out an outfit, her attitude while driving, and even her demeanor while menstruating.


Some may find this bizarre or even embarrassing for the girlfriend to be compared to Pokemon characters. But, this is actually a testament of her boyfriend’s love for her.

He obviously pays close attention to her because he can describe every little thing about her, and what’s more romantic is that he’s clearly always thinking about her, even when he’s out “catching ‘em all.”

When the game was first released, several articles surfaced about how it is ruining relationships by stealing people’s partners away who suddenly became too busy catching Pokemon to devote time to their relationship. This hilarious boyfriend inadvertently gave us the opposite end of the spectrum.

Banner Photo Credit: Flickr user Eduardo Woo

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