Woman Accidentally ‘Donates’ $8,000 In Cash To Goodwill

A California woman mistakenly made an incredibly generous donation to a local Goodwill thrift store while simply trying to do away with a few old shirts.

A Southern California woman unintentionally made a hefty donation to Goodwill while trying to get rid of her husband’s old clothes.

Linda Hoffman brought a bag full of clothes to Goodwill that contained several of her husband’s shirts. Unbeknownst to her, one of those shirts was hiding an envelope with $8,000 inside, Uproxx reports.

The best part about the unexpected findings is that it was money her husband had been secretly saving up for six years to take her on her dream vacation to Italy.

Two whole days passed before Hoffman’s husband noticed the shirt was gone, and the night he realized, the store was about to close in an hour. The couple scurried over to Goodwill to rummage through recent donations, but alas, the shirt and the money were gone.

As luck would have it, the following day, one of Goodwill's employees, Caitlin Mulvihill, contacted the couple after she had found the cash while going through a pile of dress shirts in the store.

Hoffman said that when they thought the money was gone, they took the disappointment in stride by hoping that it at least went to a family who needed it.

“We just tried to look at it [as] if it was gone, that we had hoped it would go to somebody to help that family out,” she told ABC 7 News.

While this whole scenario is a textbook example of serendipity, Mulvihill’s honesty deserves recognition. Many people in her position would have stumbled upon that money and immediately enacted the “finders, keepers” rule to justify taking the cash home.

"I describe it as a miracle," Hoffman said. "I would say that it was honest people, and that was probably what touched our hearts the most is how honest they were."

To show their gratitude, the Hoffmans should consider bringing her to Italy with them.

Needless to say, this serves as a cautionary tale of why one should never leave wads of cash in dress shirt pockets, or really anywhere other than a safe or bank. 

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