Woman’s Pet Snake Accidentally Gets Stuck In Gauged Earlobe

A woman from Oregon ended up in the emergency room after her pet snake entered her gauged earlobe, but couldn’t make its way out.

A young woman who goes by the name of Ashley Glawe on Facebook has shared a photo of herself and her pet snake with followers on the internet.

What was surprising was that the reptile was not on her bed, around her neck or in her arms, but instead had made its way into her gauged earlobe.

“BY FAR one of my #CRAZIEST life moments!” the post said.

Glawe used a number of hashtags including #SnakeLover #iLoveHim and #GottaLoveHim to express her sentiments for the snake despite what it had just done.

It is unclear what the woman was doing with her snake so close to her face, but apparently, it made its way into her earlobe before she even realized. Upon being rushed to the hospital, doctors made a small incision on her ear and then helped the animal slide its way out with the help of Vaseline.

Glawe’s Facebook friends, in no time, began commenting on the post asking her how it happened, whether she managed to get the snake out and if the process hurt.

“Were you sleeping or are they just that quick? Pretty crazy,” one person wrote. “Did you get it out yet? That might be the first time in the history of the world that's happened,” another commented.

Some internet users even told the woman she was about to go viral and get famous. True enough, a few days after the incident Glawe replied to one commenter on the post: “I do know that over 1,000 people have tried to add me in the past couple of days.”

Apparently the Oregon woman was rather scared when the incident happened. Replying to one of the comments on her post Glawe wrote: “It's funny to look back at NOW but in the moment it wasn't funny at all. It scared the s*** out of me!”

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Bobby Yip

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