Woman Allegedly Cons 20 Boyfriends, Trades iPhones For A House

A Chinese woman was allegedly able to put a down payment on a house after asking her 20 boyfriends to each buy her an iPhone and selling them.

According to a BBC report, an anonymous Chinese woman allegedly pulled a masterful con in order to buy her own home. The housing prices in China are booming, so one resourceful woman apparently decided to buy herself a house in an ingenious, albeit sneaky, way.

A user named 'Proud Qiaoba' on the blogging site Tian Ya Yi Du claims that her co-worker who is "not from a wealthy family," scammed her 20 boyfriends in order to put a down-payment on a house.

The anonymous woman, who has now been dubbed "Xiaoli" (meaning "sharp," "clever," or "profit") by the internet, reportedly asked each of her 20 boyfriends to buy her the latest iPhone 7. The woman then flipped the phones at a cell phone recycling business called Hui Shu Bao for a grand total of 120,000 Yuan (about $17,700.) This feat is even more impressive when considering that the iPhone 7 was only released in China on September 16th, 2016—about a month and a half before "Xiaoli" reportedly bought her house!

The cell phone recycling company confirmed the sale to the BBC, stating that they had made the purchase from a female client in October. The company said that "Xiaoli" herself, however, declined to comment when Hui Shu Bao contacted her, saying "her day-to-day life has been affected" by all the media coverage. Unfortunately, Buzzfeed News recently reported that Hui Shu Bao has been advertising for employees to run "publicity stunts," calling the whole Xiaoli story into question. 

If the scam really happened, no doubt it has broken a few (if not 20) hearts. But if "Xiaoli" found herself shunned by her former beaus, there is plenty of love left for her online.

The internet is officially besotted with this modern-day Robin Hood story, whether or not it is a myth. A hashtag that translates to "20 mobiles for a house" has been used over 13 million times. Although the story has some critics, many find the idea of such a lucrative con hilarious and even inspirational.

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