Woman Asks Stranger To A Wedding On Twitter, End Up Marrying, Too

A woman from the U.K. took to Twitter in search of a date for her sister's wedding. Now, three years later, she and her date got married, too.

Nowadays, more couples meet online than in person.

OK, so that's actually not true, but you believed it for a second.

The reality? Only 5 percent of married or committed couples met online, according to Pew Research Center. While normally, the way those couples meet is via a dating service or an app, sometimes, fate plays a hand in things.

That's definitely the case for one couple who found one another on Twitter, of all places.

It all started about three years ago when Llia Apostolou was preparing for her sister’s wedding, and jokingly asked Twitter to find her a date.

Little did she know the man who replied would end up being her husband. Phil Gibson took the leap and actually responded to Apostolou’s tweet.

They had never met IRL but seemed to hit it off right away. Their adorable Twitter exchange shows just how right they were for each other. Cupid obviously had a hand in this match; they even joked about tying the knot themselves.

In the end, Apostolou and Gibson didn't go to her sister's wedding. Naturally, she wasn’t sure about showing up to her sister’s nuptials with a complete stranger. And who could blame her? That kind of thing only happens in the movies.

However, the pair did actually get together not long after. And, well, as they say, the rest is history.

The couple recently got hitched and wanted to share their cool story on Twitter, where they first met. How romantic.

Here's a picture of the blushing bride and her groom.

I guess fairy tales really do happen. Instead of a castle, though, now, they take place on Twitter.

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