Woman Confuses Kevin Hart With Chris Rock And He Goes Along With It

Comedian Kevin Hart was not upset when a fan mistook him for Chris Rock, instead he went along with the joke and posted a hilarious video of the encounter.

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A hilarious case of mistaken identity was deemed a humbling moment by self-proclaimed “comedic rockstar” Kevin Hart.

A young woman who was visibly excited to meet the famous funny man actually thought he was a completely different, even more famous funny man.

She mistook Hart for none other than renowned comedian Chris Rock.

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Being the playful character he is, Hart posted a video with the fan to Instagram in which she confidently calls him Chris Rock and agrees to attend his “show” titled “Rock The World” — which Hart made up to go along with the gag.

While Hart and Rock look nothing alike, they are friends and Hart and has previously referred to the fellow comic as “legendary.”

Aside from sharing the same profession, the two men are also both black and have played leading roles in some of the most hilariously classic comedies, so the woman’s error wasn’t totally off-base.

Other celebrities would likely have taken offense to the fan’s blunder, but Hart found it extremely funny posting his video to Snapchat and Instagram with the hashtag, #AllYouCanDoIsLaugh. 

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These are the moments that keep me Humble ??????????..... #RockTheWorld #AllYouCanDoIsLaugh

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