Woman Drags Swan To Shore For A Selfie Then Leaves It To Die

One female tourist killed a swan after dragging the poor creature onto the shore of Lake Ohrid in Macedonia, then leaving it motionless after the photo was taken.

Selfies have become an increasing nuisance—with India reporting dozens of selfie-related deaths each year—now a new trend has emerged: unintentionally killing animals just for a measly selfie.

A swan found in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia, was killed by a tourist that aggressively dragged the creature out of the water and onto the shore by its wing, and then reportedly abandoned it; all for the sake of a photo-op.

The swan lay “motionless after the encounter,” according to Macedonia Online.

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This latest incident occurred a mere month after dozens of tourists crowded around a dolphin to take a selfie, killing the poor creature by leaving it out of the water for too long.

Yet another incident involved peacocks at a zoo in China wherein visitors grabbed the creatures for a selfie. The birds died of heart attacks because of the “large shock” from being grabbed so aggressively.

Selfie culture has become such a strong and despicable nuisance, and it absolutely has to stop. The lives of animals are far more important than a good selfie, but for some reason, despite these horrible reports that emerge—people continue to disregard the obvious moral standard that should take precedence.

The most important takeaway from this repeated incident is that if you see someone abusing an animal for the sake of a photo-op, it is everyone’s responsibility to tell them to stop. 

Banner Image Credit: Macedonia Online

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