No, This Lady’s Not Heartbroken Over A Lover — She Just Wants Gelato

“I have a serious relationship with Messina… It was there when I had the happiest times of my life. I even got married with Messina,” the woman recounted.

No, this is not a heartbroken love message by a woman who has lost her significant other. It is actually a lament over ice cream.

Australia’s Gelato Messina received a very, very upset voice message by a female customer at New Year’s Eve accusing them of ruining her day.

The lady, in a habit of enjoying a liter and a half of Messina gelato every weekend, had vowed not to eat any more of it ever again as her New Year resolution.  When she visited the store with the intent of bingeing on as much of Messina as she could before the New Year, she found the store closed for the day.

 Bereft, not knowing what to do, she voicemailed Messina and poured her heart out.

“And you know what, because you are closed, it's going to make my New Year's Eve resolution of not eating Messina so much easier — because I am very, very upset right now.”

Although, the statement does not make much sense, the woman can be forgiven because she apparently had a very close relationship with the gelato.

“I have a serious relationship with Messina. Messina was there for me through the hardest times of my life. It was there (sob) when I had the happiest times of my life. I even got married with Messina,” the woman shockingly said before quickly correcting herself saying she meant Messina was on the menu at her wedding.

“The cart… we had four flavors. They were amazing,” she explained.

“And now you are not gonna be there to celebrate the New Year with me,” said the woman, coming to the root of her problems. “I just feel like a good friend has really let me down.”

The video ended with the woman inquiring if the gelato company was sorry for their act, but in the same breath telling them that she would be happy to get back together with them.

Well, that would be a quick end to her resolution.

It’s apparently not a hoax either. Messina has assured its fans that it’s “real.”

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Stefano Rellandini

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