Woman Fakes Trip To China Using Photoshop, Internet Goes Crazy

After one woman posted some pretty hilarious photos that she edited herself into, the internet had a hilarious and heartwarming response!

Sevelyn Gat had always wanted to take a trip to China. Unable to afford it, she opted to Photoshop herself into photos that made it seem that she had gone to China!

In her first picture, Gat edited herself into a picture with an airplane in the background, adding the caption "I have left the country to china [sic]."

She then “visited” various locations, including the Great Wall of China.

Check out some of the hilarious photos below:


The Photoshop that she did on the photos was so hilariously bad that Twitter exploded with their own edits along with the hashtag "Where Is Seve Gats Now."

Internet users helped her to travel to some pretty incredible locations—some Photoshopping her into a skydiving picture, while others gave her a trip to space, using images from the movie Interstellar.

After seeing the photos and seeing an opportunity to help, Nairobi businessman Sam Gichuru raised enough money (reportedly by "harassing" his friends) to help Gat live her dream and travel to China.

Gichuru was able to save up enough to get Gats "to arrange travel, four-star accommodation, insurance and some pocket money."

She posted about it on Facebook, saying:

“Today I have met Sam Gichuru at Nailab to give him updates on the progress. I applied and got my birth certificate last week and now I am applying for my passport! I also got an internship at kuhustle.com as a project manager! I promise not to let him and you guys down. Thank you all for supporting me. Looking forward to going to China. God bless you all!”

Gat posted a photo to Facebook after she heard the news, thanking her friends, family, and followers for helping her make her dream come true.

Seems like all her hard work to edit those pictures really paid off! Congrats, Gat!

Banner Image Credit: Reuters 

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