Woman Fatally Stabs Roommate Who Wouldn’t Shut Up During TV Show

The police report stated that Dymund Ellis told investigators she had brandished the knife at her roommate several times over the past two months before this incident.

A trivial argument quickly turned into a death sentence for one Nevada man whose roommate fatally stabbed him.

You may be asking yourself: What could have possibly warranted such a horrific response?

The 25-year-old man, Jace Trevon Ernst, wouldn’t stop talking while 19-year-old Dymund Ellis was watching television, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC).  

Ellis is now facing murder charges for Ernst’s killing.

The tragedy unfolded on the evening of May 4 when Ellis was watching an undisclosed TV show. Ernst, apparently, kept talking over the television and refused to oblige when Ellis told him to shut up. He allegedly responded to her request by telling her, “Shut up, b**ch.”

Ellis then retrieved a kitchen knife from her room and held it up while threatening Ernst to “Call me a b**ch again.” He attempted to call her bluff and repeated the derogatory name, only he learned Ellis was serious as she proceeded to stab Ernst in the chest.

Ernst was taken to University Medical Center where he, eventually, succumbed to his injuries.

A friend of both of the roommates spoke out to defend Ellis, claiming the murder was an accident.

“They got into an argument that turned physical,” Debra Wesley told News 3 in Las Vegas. “He has done things to her, and she has done things to him. However, on this particular day, it was a bad accident.”

According to AJC, the police report stated that Ellis told investigators she had brandished the knife at her roommate several times over the past two months, and each time, he was able to disarm her without anyone getting hurt.

“She told me she has anger problems and she just got extremely upset tonight,” one officer wrote in the report.

If it's true that Ernst repeatedly called Ellis a "b**ch," both parties could have handled things much differently to avoid such a terrible outcome. Alas, Ellis' anger issues are clearly beyond her control.

If Ellis had been exhibiting violent behavior and making threats prior to this ordeal, it's concerning that Ernst never reported her. At the very least, one would imagine that Ernst would find somewhere else to live if he knew Ellis was unstable.

Nevertheless, Ellis must be held accountable and face consequences for her actions. Violence is never the answer to solve a dispute, especially with a so-called friend. Now, she is learning this lesson the hard way.     

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