Is This A Shadow Or A Ghost Following A Woman Out Of A Waiting Room?

Are you a skeptic or a believer? Watch this creepy video and decide for yourself whether this woman was being stalked by a ghost.

A chilling video shows a dark shadow following a woman out of a waiting room in an unknown location.

CCTV footage, which was recorded on May 10, according to the time stamp, but emerged recently on Chinese social media, shows an ordinary waiting room, where a woman is seen talking at a window. The woman steps away from the window and then turns to walk out of the room — but when she’s halfway across the hall, a dark shadow materializes and seems to follow her out.

The video shows many other people sitting in the lounge who seemed to be completely unaware of the specter stalking the woman.

The “ghost” followed the woman out of sight of the camera but it’s not evident if it vanished after a while.

The video was first posted on Chinese social media site QQ last week where it generated over 30 million views and 2,732 comments.

However, a lot of people remain skeptic of the presence of the ghost.

“It's obviously her own shadow because there are lights above her,” one social media commenter said.

“In this video, I will not speak of true and false. If it’s a ghost, it’s hard to say but first do not jump to the conclusion that there is no ghost. Science cannot explain things,” commented another who is evidently a believer.

Whether or not the shadow was a ghost or not remains to be seen but we hope the woman got to her home safely.

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